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School Vision, Aims and Values

Long Preston Endowed VA Primary School


School Vision


Together, within our caring Christian community:


We work to nurture our children’s aspirations, foster a love for learning and stimulate their enthusiasm for life in a community of schools where every child is safe; we celebrate individuals and encourage respect for each other and the wider world. 
The story underpinning this is the lost sheep (Matthew 18:12-14)


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Aims and Values


Long Preston Primary School endeavours to care for and nurture each child who passes through within a stimulating and fun environment that challenges all children and broadens their horizons whilst encouraging them to develop their individual talents and interests. It is our ambition to help shape the next generation of young people into confident, thoughtful, tolerant and responsible citizens who show respect for themselves and others, their environment and the wider world.


We strive to achieve this ambition through the following key aims:


  • To provide a high quality and enjoyable education.


  • To ensure a safe and nurturing environment that offers equal opportunities to all.


  • To promote both a positive self-image and respect for others.


  • To encourage high ambitions, independence of thought and open-mindedness.


  • To instil respect for religious and moral values, and tolerance and awareness of different beliefs.


  • To develop a sense of environmental and social responsibility.


Foundation statement:


Our school recognises its historic foundation by the Hartley Educational Foundation. It preserves and develops its religious character and association with the Church of England that has continued throughout its history and underpins the ethos of the school. While embracing the Christian values and traditions on which it was founded, the school fully informs the children about the world’s rich variety of different cultures and beliefs. The children are encouraged to explore their own faith, showing respect towards the beliefs and needs of others. All children are welcome as pupils, whatever their race, gender, class, beliefs or special needs.