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School Dinner, Fixed Meal Pricing


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July 16th 2018

Dear Parents,

School Dinner, Fixed Meal Pricing and Implications

The school was informed in March that from the financial year starting April 2018/19, North Yorkshire County Caterers (now NYCC Facilities Management) would be introducing a Fixed Meal Price (FMP) for all school; i.e. the cost of each meal made and charged to school.

This FMP incorporates all costs including food, overheads, consumables and labour.

The Federation has worked hard, since then to look at alternative provision, outside NYCC, in order to secure nutritious meals at a fair price. However, the time scales enforced upon us by NYCC have left Governors insufficient time to pursue these options fully and the Federation schools will therefore, be staying with NYCC until September 2019.

As schools, we have always worked hard to keep the cost of school meals to a minimum. The current charge of £2.30 has been set over the last five years with no increase, with school absorbing some the costs mentioned above.

The school will therefore be forced to increase the cost of each meal to £2.50 from September 1st 2018. This increased cost is regrettable but will mean that the school will still be absorbing some of the costs mentioned above, which will, ultimately have repercussions elsewhere in school.

Therefore, the weekly charge for 5 meals will be £12.50

This does not affect children in Class 1, as they have meals provided through Universal Free School Meals and are entitled to a free meal until the end of Year 2.

Free School Meals maybe available to some parents, to see if you are eligible, please visit the school website for further details or call into the school office.

Your sincerely,

Elizabeth Martin