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Assessment and Reports

Your child’s work is assessed regularly and records kept. Where possible teachers assess children’s work in their presence, or feedback comments through written annotations on a piece of work, aiming to give advice and inform children of their next step. This personal approach informs future planning and also sets out clearly the next targets for learning.


A detailed written report is sent out each Summer term and parents are welcome to discuss this with the teacher at an after school meeting. In addition there are parent consultation meetings in the Autumn and Spring terms to discuss children's progress. We aim to establish strong, positive working relationships between home and school. Parents are welcome to meet staff at any time of the year, although it would be appreciated if an appointment is made to ensure the meeting is given time to be productive.


Foundation Stage Assessments are reported to parents in the course of the year.

Key Stage 1 teacher’s assessment (TAs) of a child are reported to individual parents together with the national averages. Because of the small numbers in the Year 2 cohort the results of others in the year group are not reported for general information. This is in line with DCSF and Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) and NYCC recommendations. These guidelines can be seen on request in school.


We also use Optional SATs test material to confirm our teacher assessment of pupil progress in English and Maths in Year 3 and Year 4. Year 5  and Year 6 children undertake SATs in English, Maths and Science in the Summer Term. These tests provide valuable evidence of pupil progress for our school and for the school to which a pupil is transferring.